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What it the difference between waterproofed and water resistance?


Please note that although certain watches are water-resistant to a certain degree, Hostz Watches will suggest that you try to keep it away from water whenever possible and always make sure that the watch crown is screwed in tight to avoid water or moisture entering it. All watches have been checked to be in working condition before we send them out.

Please do not wear your watch when you go swimming or even when taking a shower. This is to prevent accidental moisture or water seeping in. We at Hostz Watches cannot guarantee the watch if your accidental usage results in water or moisture getting into the watch.

Take Note:  Hostz Watches Watches do not cover any water damage even though it has been tested and checked by Factory before we ship out. Reason is because in 95% of the times, it is due to fault of customers not securing the crown properly. We will advise to keep the watch away from contact with water if possible. It is meant to be shown to your friends around you more than using in the pool.


A water-resistant watch can be exposed to light moisture, such as light splashes of water when washing hands.
However, some water-resistant watches can be submerged into water, and their depth of resistance should be indicated.
This depth of resistance is measured in “atmosphere” – (ATM) or “bar-tested” at the labs, and each ATM denotes 10 meters of static water pressure
Please take note that all replica watches indicated as water resistant fits only the description as above of being able to accept light moisture ONLY – IT IS NEVER SUITABLE FOR SUBMERSION INTO WATER, SWIMMING, SHOWER, SAUNA OR HOT-TUB at all.

Important Note: Please note that ALL CHRONOGRAPH watches even when waterproofed CANNOT BE USED UNDERWATER/SUBMERGED because the pushers construction will seep in moisture/water when depressed – This is also 100% TRUE with GENUINE watches (Not ONLY replicas!)

What is the first thing I need to do upon receiving my watch?

Upon receiving the watch, please wind it. It is likely that the watch runs out of energy during the journey. Wind the watch by turning the crown for about 15 – 20 full turns clockwise. If you know your watch is battery, there is no need to wind it. If your watch has a screw-tight crown, release it by turning it anti-clockwise until it is loose. Then you can wind it for 15 – 20 times clockwise as mentioned. Once it is done, you can screw it tight by pushing the crown inside. Turn the crown clockwise and screw it tight back at the same time. By doing a manual winding of the watch, your watch will start to tick.

My watch is an automatic watch, why does it stop?

If your watch is a quartz version, it means that the battery has been used up. Please change the battery.

If it is an automatic watch, it is running on stored energy. It gains energy from human hand kinetic movement. When you do not wear it and it runs out of stored energy, it will stop. To make it tick again, you have to wind it for 10 – 12 rounds by turning the crown clockwise. To re-adjust the Day or Date back correctly, it depends on whether the crown is the one adjusting or it is recessed or button pusher. You can then adjust accordingly. For the crown, pull it out lightly once to adjust Date/Day (Most watches are like that). If you pull out the crown out twice, it will adjust Time. If it is a screw in crown, unscrew the crown anti-clockwise and follow the same instructions to adjust Date/Day and Time.

How do I set the time?

To set time, you need to unscrew crown anti-clockwise direction if you have a screw-in crown watch. You need to softly and slowly pull the crown out a little bit.

The best way to do this is to use first and second finger and use finger knuckle as a lever in order to pull the crown out with as little force as possible. You can feel a little “click”! Now you can set the time by turning it anti-clockwise. This would turn the minute-hour hands forward until you set the right time.

When time is set, push the button back and screw the crown clockwise for a few rounds to ensure it is screwed back tight.

How do I set the GMT & local time?

GMT means Dual Time Zone and it usually use a 24-hour clock instead of a 12-hour clock we normally use. GMT can be set with two time zones. A local minute-hour hand time and a GMT (sometimes red) arrow second time zone.

To adjust time, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Unwind the crown anti-clockwise softly and slowly until it loosen up. There are two steps of pulling out the button stem. Do not exert too much force here and please make sure you do it lightly and carefully.
  2. STEP ONE is for setting the GMT second time zone. STEP TWO is for setting the local time. Pull one-step out is to set GMT and date by winding the button clockwise and anticlockwise respectively. Pull one more step is for setting local time. Pushing the crown inward one step will bring it back to GMT setting. Pushing it two steps will bring it back to normal position and you can wind it back clockwise while pushing it back softly to secure the crown onto the watchcase。

  3. Set local time FIRST and then GMT SECOND time zone. When you set local time, GMT time will also be changed at the same time

I have a quartz version (battery-operated) watch, when do I need to change the battery?

A new battery will normally last for two years. Depending on time of the last replacement, you would probably need to change battery within two years.

I have a watch with date function, how do I change the date?

To change date and time you need to do the following. If you have a screw-in crown like a Rolex, you need to turn the crown anti-clockwise for a few rounds until the crown is loose. Then you need to pull the crown out softly by using your thumb’s nail and first finger’s nail. Please do this softly to avoid breaking the stem. You should feel a “click” here. There are two steps when you pull the crown out. The first step is for setting the date (and Day if you have a Rolex Day-Date). The second step is for setting the local time (see Q2 and A2 for details). You can only set Date forward by turning the crown in one direction. When you are done with setting date and time, push back the crown and wind it clockwise for a few times to lock it.

What is a screw-in crown? How different is it compared to a push in crown?

A Screw-in crown will lock into the case of the watch when you turn the crown clockwise toward the watch case. It will tighten when it is screwed tight. Most Rolex watches use Screw-in crown. When you want to wind your watch, you have to un-lock the crown by turning the button anti-clockwise until you see the crown comes out of the watch a little bit, about 1.0 to 1.5 mm. Do not force the crown to come out cause it will easily break the stem link with the watch.

When the crown comes out, you can then wind it, adjust time, date, day just like other watches. To lock it, slowly turn it and push it toward the watch until it is locked tight. NO need to apply extra force after it is tight! For most other non screw-in crown watches, you just wind it, adjust time, date, day without the need to un-screw the crown.

What is a recessed pusher? How is it different from the usual pusher buttons?

Recessed pushers are button that are designed in a way that the button is inside the watch body, mostly for appearance purpose. Many times, there are too many push buttons on the watch already and making recessed pushers will help to save space and makes it more desirable in looks. Usually, recessed pushers are for setting date, year or day, etc. Use a ball-point pen to push the recessed pusher all-the-way and release fully will make it change accordingly. Repeat the process until you set the right information. Do not push half way or release half way, it will sometimes cause the gear to change half way and make it show the wrong information and it might damage other mechanical parts in the watch’s movement.

I have a Rolex Daytona watch with Asia 7750 Valjoux movement, how do I use the stop-watch function?

The Daytona has chronograph buttons, which has a protective-screw lock for protection. This is a unique feature for Rolex Daytona. When you need to push the button, you need to un-screw the protective-screw to the level of the inside button, then you can push the button and press the button. Be sure to push it all the way and fully release it when pushing. Pushing halfway may cause it to stop half way and cause mechanical problems.

What is a Tachymeter & how does it works?

It is a scale on the dial. In fact, many sports version watches have it either on the rim or bezel. In conjunction with the second hand, it gives the speed of a moving object. A tachymeter takes a value determined in less than a minute and converts it into miles per hour. For example, a wearer could measure the time it takes a car to pass between mile markers on the highway. When the car passes the second marker, the second hand will be pointing to the cars speed in miles per hour on the tachymetric scale.

How do I use the stopwatch function on a Valjoux 7750/7753 movement to avoid damage to it?

To avoid damaging the delicate mechanisms of the Valjoux 7750 movement you need to follow the instructions listed below to take care of it

If your Valjoux 7750 has DATE function, DO NOT ADJUST the date when your time is between 10:00 to 3:00. It will damage the internal gears unknowingly if you do that. The BEST WAY is to manually adjust the time to 6:00 and then adjust the DATE after that.

If you are using the chronograph functions of the Valjoux 7750, always make sure that to start the stopwatch, you depress the pusher button on top and also to STOP the stopwatch, depress the same pusher button


ONLY after you STOP the stopwatch, then you depress the lower pusher button to RESET the stopwatch function. DO NOT DEPRESS the lower pusher button when the stopwatch function is running. ONLY Depress the lower pusher button after you STOP the chronograph.

How do you set date on 7750 or 7753 or 7750b1 or any movt with date chrono/ automatic?

Do not activate the chronograph until you have done all these steps as mentioned

When you receive your piece, please remember to manual wind the piece for about maybe 50 rounds, so to generate enough power reserve. Then you shake the piece like a “mad cow” for 3-4 minutes to generate more power reserve (If necessary)

Then pull the crown out to adjust the hour hand manually to determine when is am/pm. See the date change – then you will know when is am/ pm. Make sure you know when is am/ pm before you proceed

Make sure you do not adjust the date between 10pm-3am ever! Do not ask me why because it just works this way. if you adjust between 10pm-3am, the date will jam or go half way. This is also true for Swiss Valjoux 7750 & 7753 movements

After u have confirmed the AM/PM. You can adjust the crown to get to the desired date you want.

As for the timer hand to reset back to zero, it is pure luck. You may have perfect reset, or less than perfect reset. My genuine Rolex Daytona did not reset back to zero after 3 months. By the way, make sure every time you activate chronograph, you have enough power reserve.

If you follow the instructions carefully, your watch will last you a long time. Naturally watches may not last a lifetime since they aren’t made to COSC standards and neither are they SWISS GENEVE made or stamped. Remember a replica is always a replica but do enjoy them as at a fraction of the cost, these cosmetically perfect replicas are a joy to wear, aren’t they?

If you have other inquiries, please kindly email us and we will attend to your inquiries within 12 hours or less. Thank you!

How to order

Hostz Watches operate 24 hours 7 days a week for 365 days a year. We are always ready to take your orders anytime. We strive to answer all emails within 12 hours or less. If there are any questions, please feel free to email us.

What payment methods do you accept?

We can accept all kinds of credit cards like VISA/MasterCard/Amex directly via the website checkout. Hostz Watches also accepts Bank Wire Transfer, Western Union, Money Gram & Bitcoin, Paypal and Senang Pay.

What kind of credit cards do you accept?

We accept most widely used credit cards like VISA, MasterCard, Amex and also even Debit Cards. We will highly recommend using VISA & MasterCard.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged once you make the payment at the point of the sale. It is an immediate payment process and we will proceed with the order within 12 hours or less. In the event that payment has any issues, we will inform the customer of the problem via email.

For the direct Credit Card Processor via the website checkout, it is processed via a local China Bank which we secured and please do note that a small currency exchange difference is charged the same way you purchase products overseas. That is normally within 3-4% of the purchase price.

What if I want to cancel the order?

If you have not paid for your order yet, please do not pay for it. We cannot remove it from your order history, but that’s not a problem. If you have already paid for your order, please contact us via email and we will arrange to process a refund within 12-24 hours.

Please note that once QC pictures have been arranged for you, the order cannot be cancelled at all.

How long does it take to process my order?

It takes approximately 12 hours or less for us to verify your payment via credit cards before we can move on to the next step. The time frame may vary for Western Union, MoneyGram & Bank Wire Transfer payments.

After your payment has been confirmed we will process the new order and arrange to send you QC (Quality Control) pictures of the actual watch you will be receiving, along with time accuracy using a Timographer (For Mechanical watches ONLY, Quartz watches will not have this). You can read more details under the QC Assurance page on our website. QC pictures usually take about 2-4 days to process as we will need to order in the brand new watches from Factory and do the proper QC checks and testing.

From the point of receiving the pictures you will have a 24-hour time frame to respond to the QC email and authorize us to send out your order to you. If you do not respond to the QC email within 24 hours we will take this as your approval and ship the order out to you. If there are discrepancies with the QC pictures on the watch, make sure you reply with highlighted issues on the QC picture itself so we can show to Factory and get it resolved. Please be advised that QC pictures are used to verify that watch is correct model and OK before shipment. It is NOT USED to review and consider for change/exchange or refund at all. We always sell the watches as shown on the website.

You will then receive an email with a tracking number from our shipping department so you can track your order’s progress. Usually tracking updates can take 2-5 days before we email you as some shipment methods require a transition period via routing methods.

I want to order parts for my watch that is purchased from you, how do I do that?

The first step would be to contact via email to find out if we can get the item/s and the cost of the items parts. Most of the time, we will quote the prices with airmail shipping fee inclusive. We will then send you simple payment instructions that can be easily completed and paid within minutes.

Take Note: Parts & Accessories that we sell are not covered by any warranty at all. We will always make sure the parts purchase is brand new and free from defects.

At Hostz watches , we will assure that you get the best value for money. We have been trading around on the Internet since 2002 with a sterling reputation across several replica watch forums and blogs. We have tons of customers’ reviews and referrals that will assure you of our products, communication and service.

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